A Reflective Essay on the Fundamentals of Success in Relation to My Life





A Reflective Essay on the Fundamentals of Success in Relation to My Life

          Mintzer (2013) expressed a very strong viewpoint on what the term success should be used to denote. According to this author, success is not all about winning, but the value and satisfaction we bring to others. From the onset, I absolutely concur with Mintzer that success is the value and satisfaction that other people derive from what I do. Value in this context implies bringing peace, joy, satisfaction, happiness, and meaningful life to those who are looked down upon such as the poor, the sick, the physically or mentally challenged, as well as oneself. This is, therefore, to say that success that fails to occasion change to an individual’s life is no success no matter how many times one wins.

        As I reflect over my life, I realize that the things that critically count as success in my life are the things that have brought value to my family, friends, colleagues, and the society as a whole. Winning is just an aspect of success, and unless it is aligned with the interests of others and goodwill, then it becomes meaningless. This belief has given purpose to my life, and has helped direct and mold my personal development.

            I have served as a volunteer in charity work for the past three years, and I have come to realize that many people view success as a personal achievement and the many times they have out-competed others; rather than perceiving it in terms of the value they have added to humanity. It is indeed this “weird” perspective that has served as a motivation to me to spread my belief about success. The core values that have guided me in becoming a person of value to the community are integrity, authenticity, compassion, and love for humanity. These have become part of my life and everything I do has to measure up to my integrity and authenticity.

            Talking of integrity, I am committed to being myself in my actions and upholding honesty, truth, and reliability. Authenticity guides me in being open with myself and sharing with others my opinion and beliefs that can help shape their lives. Being compassionate and loving has given me the strength to face the challenges in life, and keep the spirit of working for the welfare of humanity. No matter how great the things I do for personal and professional development, my huge satisfaction lies in seeing that my efforts translate to the well-being of others in the society, while simultaneously adding value to my life.

            My interaction with colleagues at work has helped me make a critical observation that the happiest and most successful people in life are those whose course is selfless and awards priority to the welfare of others. Their real reward is the satisfaction derived from such an achievement. On the contrary, those who pursue success for personal interests at the expense of the welfare of others end up having false rewards that cannot add value neither to themselves nor the people who care about them.

            From the foregoing discussion on what entails a successful life, I can boldly state that I consider myself successful. The key to real success is striving to achieve something that adds value to the whole society. I encourage others to embrace and align their personal values with their actions in order to realize the importance of living a meaningful life. Putting the interests of others first and achieving value for life is what reflects success in reality.







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