Report on the mission, vision, and core values of the company you have chosen. What are the strengths of the core values? What values are missing, or what values do you think are omitted. Incorporate at least two peer reviewed journal articles into your discussion of the core values. Reflect on your personal core values; what they are and how they guide your behavior.

The Mission, Vision, and Core Values of Acadia Healthcare


Acadia Healthcare’s mission is “to be a world-class organization that sets the standard for excellence in the treatment of mental health and addiction concerns.” The organization strives to retain its position as the top provider of mental healthcare services within the industry. Acadia Healthcare also strives to make its treatments synonymous with exceptional commitment to patients, communities, professional workers, and staff. (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.) The goal is to make their facilities stand out from others through the provision of quality and exceptional care that puts the needs of the patient first.


Acadia Healthcare’ vision is “to promote comprehensive and integrated care to improve the mental well-being of the children, adolescents, and adults we serve.” Core competencies, which include capabilities and resources, allow the organization to maintain its top position through collaboration with investors, patients, and other professionals in the industry (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). Acadia Healthcare’s vision is manifested through the following:

Sensitivity to and understanding of the patients, as well as their families.
The integrated application and appreciation of up-to-date evidence-based practices of psychoeducation, psychodynamic health care, and psychotherapy.
Cooperation and engagement with the organizations and people who work collaboratively for the benefit of the patient.
Core Values

Acadia Healthcare’s core values include the following:

Diversity and Inclusion, and
The Strengths of the Core Values

Acadia Healthcare’s core values represent the organization’s fundamental driving forces, deeply held beliefs, and highest priorities. They are the heart of what Acadia Health and its employees stand for. Employees at Acadia Healthcare honor and respect everybody. They demonstrate this through the compassion and dignity they show every patient. Additionally, the organization embraces and upholds diversity and inclusion as they believe that diversity plays a vital role in what makes Acadia Healthcare so exceptional (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). Physicians are always determined to offer quality behavioral care through collaboration in service delivery.

Values Omitted

Some of the values missing at Acadia Healthcare’s core values include integrity, accountability, and fairness. Integrity is a vital core value in a company. Embracing integrity throughout the workplace can foster a positive work environment that upholds open communication, ethical decision making, anRunning Head: ACADIA HEALTHCARE


Week 4 Assignment: Acadia Healthcare
Cynthia De La Rosa
Keiser University
Capstone Business Strategies
Dr. John Fitzgerald
February. 5, 2022


I have learned numerous invaluable contents throughout the course that has enhanced my understanding of Health Services Administration, which entails learning the various concepts applicable in the overall management of healthcare institutions. Essentially, this assignment involves medical management and corporate management concepts that address leadership, ethics, and strategic analysis. The three aspects form this task’s core elements, which predominantly delves into Acadia Healthcare. Essentially, Acadia Healthcare is the leading provider of behavioural health services in the United States for people in need. Acadia has established its national presence across 40 states operating approximately 230 behavioural health facilities with about 10,200 beds. The establishment is relative in my field of study, which is the reason why I had an interactive experience researching about it and grasping the scope of how it operates in the industry. 
We have learned about leadership, ethics, and strategic management throughout this course and their significance. Therefore, providing information on Acadia Healthcare, I comprehensively addressed every aspect by shedding more light on how the aspects play a part in the medical institutions. The first is leadership, which involves influencing, motivating, and guiding people to realize predetermined objectives and goals. Leadership provides direction, stability, morale, culture, and even affiliations alongside employee retention and development. Acadia uses an expanded organizational structure with several key top leadership positions. Some of the top leaders include the Chief Executive Officer led by Ms. Debbie Osteen, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) led by David Duckworth, Executive Vice president led by Christopher L. Howard, and Executive Vice President General Counsel, amongst others. The organization’s leadership body comprises pure talents, where each of them has garnered immense experience before joining Acadia, eventually propelling it to higher levels of success and growth.


Based on the leadership and management of Acadia healthcare by a highly competent group, there is increasing confidence in the company’s capacity to complete such deals and produce improved organic growth, productivity, and efficiency in the sites run by the company. Leaders help organizations carry out their daily operations effectively to propel them towards the vision and objectives. Leadership within organizations is vital to facilitate the development of cultures that uphold workforce value alongside leveraging the constructive input of employees of an organization. For instance, just like a vehicle that needs a driver or controller to propel it toward the desired destination, organizations reqACADIA HEALTHCARE BUSINESS STRATEGIES OUTLINE 6

Acadia Healthcare Business Strategies Outline
Cynthia De La Rosa
Keiser University
Capstone Business Strategies
Dr. John Fitzgerald
January. 22, 2022


Every business is established with intention of achieving the desired goals and objectives. Business strategies are designed and implemented to assist a business handle all its operations that would help with goals achievement. The Acadia Healthcare is a behavioral rehabilitating facility headquartered at Franklin Tennessee with the overall purpose of establishing outlets across the country. The main purpose and mission of the business is to become the leading behavioral center in the entire country before expanding to international markets. To attain this mission and overall purpose, the business has drafted and embraced some business strategies that would ensure total coordination is experienced across all the established outlets with overall leadership emanating from the headquarters and streaming down to the outlets using the organizational structure in place. There are different business areas designed for strategies to be implemented and these areas are leadership, application of ethics, strategies analysis, economic aspects, the way demand would be handled, financial aspect of the business, and other important factors assessment like technology among many others. Under each area, there are specific factors to be considered to ensure the business is properly managed from all aspects as demonstrated in the outline below.

· Brief history of the selected business shall be shared together with how the company is designed to operate in order to achieve its purpose of existence (Hobson, 2020).
· Mission, vision, objectives and goals description shall also be discussed at length
· Company stakeholders and the role they play in achieving organizational goals, objectives, and mission.
 Leadership Analysis

· Organizational structure in place
· Why the structure is important and effective to the business
· Organizational chart (diagram) (
Acadia Healthcare – Org chart |2022)

· Various positions within the organization and how they contribute to organizational growth and expansion (Zhang et al., 2015)
· Role of leaders in decision making
 Ethical Factors

· Definition of ethics from a business perspective
· Elaboration of why ethics is an important factor in a business
· The various ethical factors at Acadia Healthcare that have been applied for instance; knowledge, values, personal goals, personality and morals among others
· How Acadia Healthcare has embraced and benefited from the use of ethics
· How the business leadership plans to maintain ethics
Strategic Analysis

· Clarification of strategic analysis concept and why it is important for a business to conduct one
· How Acadia Healthcare conducts its strategic analysis to ensure interChoose an organization to study. Provide an introduction to the organization, its products, and services. Discuss why you chose this organization to study, any area of the organization that is of particular interest to you. The organization chosen must be part of the student’s area of concentration.

Business Strategy: Acadia Healthcare

Acadia Healthcare is a publicly traded behavioral health company headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. The company was established in 2005 to create and operate a group of behavioral healthcare facilities across the country. Acadia Healthcare provides a wide variety of services (including chemical dependency and psychiatric/mental services) to patients in different health settings, including specialized treatment facilities, inpatient psychiatric facilities, outpatient clinics, and residential treatment centers, among others (Acadia Healthcare, n.d). As of now, Acadia is the top provider of behavioral health services in the U.S. As of September 2021, the organization operated a group of two hundred and thirty behavioral health facilities with around 10,200 beds across the country

I chose this organization as it relates to my field of study, which is MBA in Medical Management. One aspect of the company that is of particular interest to me is Acadia’s philosophy and management style that upholds flexibility and collaboration. The company values input from staff members, physicians, nurses, and other key stakeholders. The mission of the organization is “to create a world-class organization that sets the standard of excellence in the treatment of specialty behavioral health and addiction disorders.”
Acadia Healthcare trades on the stock exchange. In the stock exchange, the company involves investors in buying and selling its shares. The company trades as NASDAQ, Russell 1000, and S&P 400. Nasdaq Composite is one of the stock market indices that are followed in the US. Acadia Healthcare Inc. is labeled as NSQ: ACHC in NASDAQ.
The company understands that investors are on the lookout for cheap but quality stocks and that is what is offered (Hobson, 2020). Stocks that are low cost but of good quality tend to be the popular market strategy for businesses. The trading share price of Acadia Healthcare is favorable for common investors because of its low cost valuation and high quality.

Good quality is preferred in the market because they represent dependable and solid businesses. It also shows the financial strength of the company apart from its profitability which means Acacia is a financially strong company. The quality of the stocks has been determined by metrics in the F-Score financial test. This score is a widely accepted accounting checklist that is used to determine stocks that improve financial health.

The market price of Acadia’s shares increases steadily over the months, however, investors have to be careful to choose stocks that are genuine bargains instead of falling for the value trap. Acadia factor

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