Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request for consideration for the European Masters in Food Science, Technology and Business course scholarship by Erasmus Mundus. Having worked in three different food industries in Turkey, I have come to appreciate the colossal challenges facing the industry. The extent of these challenges authenticates the need for a Masters education. More specifically, the numerous food security challenges facing my country signal that few qualified food Science professionals are available to offer long-term innovative solutions to the problem. For instance, the ban on GM food imports to my country in 2012, and the continuing debate on whether biotechnology foods should be allowed in the country indicate the uncertainty in food security matters, yet more people continue to starve to death.

The research dimension of the master’s program will complement my interest in research on food security matters. If granted this scholarship, my key area of focus upon graduation will be research on biotechnology foods. Various organizations in Turkey offer the platform for such critical research. Information on mycotoxin control without the use of pesticides, which will be offered in this course, will come in handy upon my graduation considering that dozens of people are succumbing to aflatoxin deaths in various parts of my country. The business aspect of the Masters course means that I will also be fit to deliver in business-oriented food industries.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are quite popular in my country. In particular, the European universities affiliated to the scholarships have a high approval rating in many states. The selection process is also considered quite competitive, and employers consider qualification from such universities a mark of academic excellence. Interacting with students from a diversity of cultures will make me culturally competent, hence capable of working and delivering in diversity. The European culture is also quite enviable and the economic milestone realized by Europe is also an instant inspiration to Kenyans who pursue their education there. Realizing my academic dream in a region with such a rich culture will be a lifetime opportunity. Pursuing higher education successfully requires very strong personal attributes. Over the course of my career, daily interaction with junior employees, colleagues, and suppliers has enhanced my interpersonal skills. Over time, I have developed skills such as attentiveness to detail, team play, communication, public speaking, and perceptiveness.

I look forward to a positive response from you. Thank you