KU Leuven University: Admission Essay

Like many other young persons living in Europe, I decided to pursue education as an avenue for a successful life in future. And one of the most attractive institutions I have identified in the country is KU Leuven University, Belgium. This is one of the few institutions that boost a variety of resources and fields that provide ample opportunities for the growth and development of the students, as well as the school’s reputation at large. The University is an established platform that recognizes the importance of a variety of essential interests, opinions, and experiences for the learning of the student. As such, I identify with this university because I believe I will make an excellent addition not only to its rich culture but the objectives the university has set to achieve.

To begin with, I am an ardent admirer of the computer programming and information technology programs offered by the school. This is majorly because I have been gifted with the natural ability to discern the various aspects of information technology with my interests having been in electronics since my days in middle school. Time has proven this fact to me because all through my studies, I realized that my performances were highest in subjects that dealt with computers and electronics.  I was always enthusiastic whenever computer lessons were on. I remember a time in high school when I tried and was able to repair my iPhone after the charges by the electronics expert I had taken to for repair proved too high. Furthermore, my interest in computers lies in the programming and video gaming fields. Given this opportunity, I believe I will have access to all the necessary resources and training that would enable me to develop an I.o.S application, as well as several video games. Being a game player, I have always been thrilled by the developers of games such as Uncharted and Grand Theft Auto V. Needless to say, I am also a counter-strike player where I have managed to devise a clan for CS: GO and gone further to build a simple website for my clan on my own.  Evidently, I am an enthusiast with computers, electronic devices, and all other types of software and programs that revolve around technological devices.

At KU Leuven, I will be able to offer the skills and knowledge I have in the field of information technology even as I look to further and expand my scope on the same. I believe I have the necessary drive required by the school to develop a career from my expertise. In essence, the University will be an avenue for me to attain my targets, something that I might never be able to achieve elsewhere. It is, therefore, my biggest wish to be afforded this golden chance to join KU Leuven University