Topic: Observation Essay
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950-1000 word observation essay. Note that you cannot be part of the place. It is not your place of work. You are not participating in any activity in that place. You are there only as a spectator. The place has to be completely public. For example, it is not your child’s school. It is not your friend’s graduation.

Describe the people and activities going on at a public event that you have attended. Choose from the following:
1. A game/a concert or movie ( Describe the physical place, the people and the activities before, during, and after the event, and the interaction between the event and the audience. You may touch on the highlights of the event, but not dedicate the essay to describe the details of the event itself.

2. A race, a competition, a walk.

3. A public celebration.

Guidelines: Be there. Place yourself on the scene and use “I” and/or “we” throughout the essay. Do not use “you.” Describe what you see, what is typical of the place, and what is essential for the reader to understand the environment of the place. Do not include what you know about the place. If you want to describe your feelings, focus on those that are consistent to how everyone else feels.

Note that the description essay is about what “I see and observe” and has to have the pronoun “I” throughout

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